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Financial Information for Canadians

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This site is designed to assist Chartered Accountants and their clients in understanding information about Audit, Accounting, Taxation, Investments and Taxation Course in Canada. There are several topics to each category, and many topics are cross referenced.

David can be contacted at 519-588-3901 or by email at david.hiscock@casuccess.ca

The following information about David is posted in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario Professional Development Catalog and AJAG as well as at the University of Guelph:

Mr. David Hiscock, CA, CMA, CPA, B.Math is the principal consultant of CA Success Inc. He assists over 40 CA firms by advising them in areas such as the File Quality Control and File Quality Monitoring, improving their Auditing Standards to meet the ongoing changes in the CICA Handbook, and improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of their Audits and their Audit documentation. He also assists these CA firms and their clients, with customized in-house training programs on a variety of topics. He has also assisted several CA firms on a long term basis as a Senior Assurance Consultant. In those roles he has performed the detailed review and provided supervision of the staff on the audit of both Publicly Traded and Privately Held companies, Hedge Fund Limited Partnerships, Municipal Audits and various Non for Profit Organizations. He has assisted some Privately Held Companies in their Initial Public Offering and the evaluation of their Internal Controls. He has conducted reviews of Internal Control for Service Organizations on behalf of various Chartered Accounting Firms. He has over twenty years of private industry experience in the Automotive, Aerospace and Insurance industries.

He is currently an Adjunct faculty member of the University of Guelph in their business Program and has lectured at a variety of Universities in Ontario over the past ten years in the areas of Accounting, Auditing and Tax, and other General Business Topics. He currently teaches a number of professional development courses for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. AJAG and has also assisted in teaching the Strategic Leadership Program for the Society of Management Accountants of Ontario.

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